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Virtus Australia

Donating sperm is a generous act that enables others to fulfill their dream of having a family.

For many individuals and couples, using donor sperm is their only chance of having a family. We were asked to take a light hearted approach to sperm donation in our creative whilst at the same time addressing the associated stigma.

Sometimes, a little cheek goes a long way and this campaign asks our audience to drop their guard and consider donation and what it could mean for a couple in need.

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What we did

- Creative Direction
- Retouching
- Animation
- Video Production

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Sperm donors come in all shapes and sizes

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Virtus Health

What our client says

You guys are our favourite creative agency! Given the category of our business it is very important to get the correct visuals and messaging together. SQ not only understands this but has mastered it perfectly!

We know you can crack any briefs be it for a serious topic or the most craziest topic (I am still thinking of the carrot for the shapes and sizes concept.)

All in all, our one stop solution for all creative needs! Also last but not the least, we really appreciate your quick turnaround and proactive ideas.

Flavia Pereira

Digital Marketing Specialist


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